About Advanced Hoops AAU

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Advanced Hoops AAU Program has taken off significantly since its inauguration in 2009. Since 2011 our program has been the Largest AAU Organization in the Central PA Region and in 2013 serviced 36 AAU Teams including 8 TOP Showcase Teams between Girls and Boys.

Each year we develop TOP Showcase 17U, 16U & 15U Girls and Boys Teams, Elite, as well as Competitive 5th – 11th teams. The AAU program gives players an opportunity to develop into more confident and well round players. Current High School players who play for one of our “Showcase” Teams get the chance to showcase their talent in front of College coaches from all over the country. Past players who have benefited from our AAU & Training Program include DI Men Ryan Hill (Bucknell), Scott Eatherton (Northeastern), Logan Stumpf (Gardner – Webb) Mike Zangari (East Carolina). Girls include Stasia King (Duquesne), Rachel Johnson (Pitt-Johnstown), Chante Markus (Carson Newman), Victoria Blackburn (Sacred Heart), Jackie Faulkner (Penn), Emily Brandt (Adelphi), Dani June (Rochester) & MANY MORE at each level of the College ranks. (Check out our Advanced Hoops Alum Page) Every player who participates in our Showcase Program receives Professional recruiting help from Charlie Fortney and the staff. Charlie’s reputation and connection with College coaches at every level, is second to none and the program does everything it takes to help players reach not only their Basketball goals, but their academic goals as well.

One of the major benefits of playing with Advanced Hoops is that our focus on the development of each player in the Program is the number one priority. Whether a player is in 5th or 11th grade, our goal is to help shape and mold them into a more confident and well-rounded player for their school teams and beyond!

Playing Philosophy

  1. Defensive Philosophy: Man to Man is taught throughout our program to make players better on and off the ball defenders. In the off-season, Zone can often hurt players by causing them to stand around, and lead them to be lazy defensively. Coaches focus heavily in practices and games teaching players on ball defending as well as help side principles. Advanced Hoops wants to create an atmosphere of intensity, communication and focus that will take players defensive games to the next level.
  2. Offensive Philosophy: Advanced Hoops has an emphasis on Motion Principles in order for players to learn how to move without the ball and build Basketball IQ. We believe these principles not only allow an “equal opportunity” offense, but it provides players an opportunity to learn how the game is played at a high level, by learning to read and react off defenders and taking the options that are available.
  3. Tournaments: We believe that tournaments & game play are the platforms in which players put in use the Skills & Principles learned during practice and training sessions. Winning games will be a by-product of doing things the right way that guide and aid players in their development process.
  4. Tournament Selection: A teams tournaments will be scheduled based on their Level of play. Local tournaments (within 1 – 2 hour driving distance) will be recommended for most regional teams in order to avoid unnecessary expenses when at all possible. Showcase Teams will be the exception to this Rule as players at that level will need to travel to the Tournaments where College Coaches are attending.

Team Building Philosophy

  1. Heavy focus on Skill Development throughout the season: We want to see every player in our AAU program to not only get game experience, but to leave the AAU season a better Shooter, Ball Handler, Passer, Defender, etc which comes through the development of each skill. Coaches are given a “blue print” of what should be done in practices to ensure these skills are being refined.
  2. Teams limited to 10-11 Players: Rosters are limited to ensure that all players receive the playing time that will aid in their deveoplemnt.
  3. Players are placed on teams based on Appropriate Competitive Needs: It is Advanced Hoops goal to place players where they will maximize their potential through developing under the right situation.
  4. Advanced Hoops will guide teams to attend Tournaments based on their Competitive Needs
  5. 1/3 Playing Time Guarantee:  This is only enforced when player’s attendance at practice and tournaments  is regular. If players are consistently missing practices, playing time will be effected. It is the responsibility of the parents and players to ensure attendance is regular so playing time does not suffer

AAU F.A.Q.’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How much is Advanced Hoops AAU?

A: Advanced Hoops AAU Program has different price structures for different age groups &

5th & 6th Grade Teams                         $390

7th – 11th Grade Teams                        $465

National Showcase Teams                  $550

Under Armour Uniform Costs:          $45 – $60 (All Players Keep Uniforms)

Q: How many practices per week?

A: Each Team receives 2 practices per week that are 1 ½ hours long

Q: How many tournaments do teams attend and what is the game schedule like?

A: Games are played in Tournaments through the spring. A tournament is generally run on a Saturday and Sunday, however some tournaments do offer Saturday only Games. Each team from 5th – 11th Grade is guaranteed 6 tournaments throughout the Spring Season, while the National Showcase teams attend 9 – 10 tournaments throughout the Spring & Summer months.

Q: When does the Season Start and End?

A: Practices start in the Middle of March, while tournaments begin in Early April and generally end in early June. Again, team will attend 6 tournaments between these times.

Q: Is the grade they try out and play for their current grade or next Years?

A: Players try out and play in their CURRENT grade

Q: How many players are placed on each team?

A: Rosters are made up of no more than 10 – 11 players

Q: Is there a guarantee my player will receive playing time in games?

A: As long as a player has shown consistency coming to practices, games, etc they are guaranteed at least 1/3 of playing time during games. If a player has been missing practices and then shows up to games, the 1/3 guarantee can be affected

Q: Who do I go to if I have a concern regarding my team?

A: You may contact Advanced Hoops staff directly to help resolve any issue that you may find yourself throughout the season. We are an organization that is 100% for the players in our program and want to ensure they are receiving the best possible experience we can offer.